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Biography |水彩画・アナログタッチのイラストレーション・ 美人画 [sioux] プロフィール

sioux (スー)

現代美人画 画家 / イラストレーター



イラストレーターズ通信会員。プロイラストレーター集団 BlueRosesメンバー。

また、アーティスト・現代美人画 画家としてイラストとアートの境目なく多面的に表現された女性を描き、展覧会、ライブペインティング等の活動を行っています。


主なお仕事 /
■装丁:集英社、無双舎、徳間書店ほか ■パッケージ:HABA研究所、炭プラスラボほか ■広告:東京都交通局、アナスイコスメティックス、リクルートほか
■雑誌:説話社、PHP出版、イーストプレス、日之出出版、宝島社、晋遊社、秀和システムほか ■映像:フジテレビほか
その他 CDジャケット、雑貨、web、携帯待受、ステーショナリー等。

著書(共著)/ ガールズイラストレーションレシピ(株式会社ソシム)


Painter of modern beauty.
Born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Now resident in Tokyo.
Started activities as an illustrator in 2001. After working for a design company, she became a freelancer. Using analog techniques with watercolors and acrylic colors, she draws many aspects of women not only as fashion illustrations but as works of art.
The characteristics of her illustrations are melancholic and amorous expressions, transparency, and the use of vivid colors.
Her work includes collaborations with subway companies, TV, ANNA SUI, cosmetics, book covers, magazines, CD sleeves, websites, cellular phones, stationery, watches, etc. Her first solo exhibition was held in 2009. She also actively participates in
exhibitions in Vancouver and New York.

Artist’s Comment: I wish to draw illustrations for Andersen’s fairy tales, especially “The Little Mermaid.” I also want to design fashion items for Japanese clothing.
My illustrations in the exhibition are original paintings. I hope viewers can feel the warmth of my hands.

sioux is a highly acclaimed, young Japanese artist whose work captures the beauty and sensuality of the feminine form. She sublimates the experiences of daily life and creates an alluring world – fragrant and blossoming, at times beautiful, at times lovable. Her paintings can be described as modern day Bijinga.
(S.C.T. Inc.)

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